1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

The Dangerous Lover (2024)

Other name: 红衣醉 紅衣醉 Hong Yi Zui


Hu Tian Tian foresaw the end of the Hu family, with the whole family being slaughtered in the chess game for power. In order to change fate, Tian Tian wins over Su Yan Li, a fallen prince who has also experienced "rebirth" and strives to guide the villain to do good. However, Su Yan Li might be the culprit behind the demise of the Hu family. As the two were in an intense tug-of-war, Tian Tian gradually learned about her and Su Yan Li’s fate.(Source: Chinese = Douban || Translation = sony_t)

Country: Chinese

Status: upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Fantasy Historical Romance Web Series

Cast: Zhao Jia Min (1998), Hei Ze (1998), Yang Teng (1990), Liu Bei Shi (1993), Zhang Zi Jian (2000)

The Dangerous Lover (2024) trailer:
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