1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Shooting Stars (2024)

Other name: 群星闪耀时 群星閃耀時 Qun Xing Shan Yao Shi When the Stars Shine The Decisive Moment Время мерцающих звёзд


Story is set in the Anti-Japanese War period. It tells the story of Xia Ji Cheng, a proud son from a wealthy high-ranking political family, who originally wanted to go to the Navy to fulfill his dream of becoming a captain. However, an unexpected trip to Shanghai changes his life completely and he becomes a low-ranked police officer.(Source: Chinese = Douban)

Country: Chinese

Status: upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Drama Historical Mystery Thriller

Cast: Li Xian (1991), Ren Min (1999), Zhou You (1991), Cici Wang (1992), Wang Mao Lei (1976), Amber Song (1996), Jiang Yi (1990), Siri Li (2014), Angel Dong (1980), Cao Lei (1977), Huang Zhi Zhong (1969), Tian Xiao Jie (1970), Wu Hao Chen (1994), Luo Kang (1970), Zhang Gong (1964), Fan Lei (1973), Gao Hai Bao (1991), Song Ning (1981)

Shooting Stars (2024) trailer:
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