1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Rise from the Ashes

Other name: 小亭台 ; Imperial Concubine always Takes Revenge , Xiao Ting Tai , Huang Gui Fei Ta Xiang Lai You Chou Bi Bao , 皇贵妃她向来有仇必报 , 皇貴妃她向來有仇必報


Cheng Xi Nian is a young girl who met an untimely demise in her first life. Realizing that she had been used to death after she was unexpectedly reborn, she vows to change the outcome of this new life and allies herself with Su Jing Yuan, a man who has been lurking and hidden in her family to get his revenge.

Country: Chinese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Historical Romance


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