1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Living no Matsunaga-san (2024)

Other name: リビングの松永さん Ribingu no Matsunaga-san Living-Room Matsunaga-san Мой сосед Мацунага-сан


Due to family circumstances, high school student Miko Sonoda is forced to live at her uncle's boarding house. However, before she can arrive there, Miko is already met with a bad omen: while trying to find the place, she suspects that someone is following her! When her uncle comes to her rescue, the assumed stalker happens to be one of his tenants, leaving Miko embarrassed on her first day.Miko learns that she will be living with five unique adults, including the accused man. Additionally, it turns out that he is Jun Matsunaga, a 29-year-old designer who seems to lose his temper easily. Having made such a humiliating first impression, Miko believes that only a miserable life awaits her. But in the presence of Jun, she comes to realize that living with adults is not so difficult after all—and there may even be enough room for romance.(Source: MyAnimeList)Adapted from the manga series "Living no Matsunaga-san" (リビングの松永さん) by Iwashita Keiko (岩下慶子).

Country: Japanese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Cohabitation Comedy life Manga Romance School

Cast: Kurokawa Tomoka (1989), Nakajima Kento (1994), Takahashi Hikaru (2001), Mukai Koji (1994), Fujiwara Taiyu (2003), Okubo Sakurako (1998)

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