1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire (2024)

Other name: 披荆斩棘的大小姐 披荊斬棘的大小姐 Pi Jing Zhan Ji De Da Xiao Jie The Lady Who Beat The Thorns


Luo Ai Lian, the gentle and peaceful eldest daughter of the Luo family, lost everything overnight due to a sudden disaster and was thrown from wealth into a quagmire. After experiencing many difficulties, she finally experienced a narrow escape and became the eldest daughter of the escort agency, Shen Dan Qing, who was capable of both literary and martial arts.She was reborn from the ashes and embarked on the thorny road of tearing apart her enemies with her hands, starting her different life. In the process of revenge, Shen Dan Qing accidentally broke into the sight of General Xu, who was looking for the lost treasure, arousing his suspicion. This made Shen Dan Qing's road to revenge even more ups and downs and unique. In this thrilling battle of wits and courage, they helped each other and cherished each other, and a series of exciting stories happened.(Source: wiki.d-addicts.com)

Country: Chinese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Accident Historical Murder Mystery Romance

Cast: Liu Xie Ning (Sally - Gugudan) (1996), Lulu Xu (1994), Telly Qin, Miles Wei (1990), Wu Chen Xu (1999), Denny Deng (1986), Cheng Jin Ming (1990), Yang Shu Yi (1999)

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