1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Eye Love You (2024)

Other name: アイラブユー Ai Rabu Yuu Я люблю тебя


After an accident, Motomiya Yuri can hear other people's inner voices when she looks into their eyes. Due to these telepathic abilities, Yuri hears people's true feelings that she does not want to know, and she often gets hurt in secret. She becomes afraid of knowing other people's true feelings, and she becomes afraid of showing her true feelings to others as well. She does not get close to people if not necessary and gave up on falling in love.One day, Yuri meets Yoon Tae Oh, a younger Korean student. Tae Oh has a bright and friendly personality and is loved by everyone around him due to his innocence. He is straightforward and extremely pure when it comes to love. When she happens to make eye contact with him, she hears his inner thoughts and voice, but in Korean! With Tae Oh she starts to think that the love he had given up on might still be possible. Will Tae Oh's bright and straightforward presence melt Yuri's closed heart, which is unable to reveal her true feelings?

Country: Japanese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Comedy Fantasy Romance

Cast: Nikaido Fumi (1994), Sugimoto Tetta (1965), Nakagawa Taishi (1998), Yamashita Mizuki (1999), Shimizu Hiroya (1999), Chae Jong Hyeop (1993), Narumi Yui (1998), Itose Soichi (2001), Tatekawa Shiraku (1963)

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