1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

A Fallen Xian (2024)

Other name: 本尊就位 Boon Jeun Zau Wei Ben Zun Jiu Wei Bun Zyun Zau Wai


During the Republic of China, the con man Chen Mu Kun was good at pretending to be a Taoist priest. Once he got into trouble, he fled to Wuzufang Town. At the same time, Mu Kun used the name of the immortal Lu Dong Bin to defraud, which alarmed Lu Zu, who decided to go down to earth to punish him.Due to a strange combination of circumstances, Dong Bin loses his magic power and is forced to stay in the world. Dong Bin later accompanied Mu Kun in the name of Lei Shi to guide him on the right path, during which he solved many strange cases in the village. One person and one immortal also met Bai Xue Hua, a brothel girl, and their relationship became entangled.Mayor Xin Hu abdicated, and Mu Kun secretly blocked the bully Jin Shi Hao from running for election. The new mayor, Xin Zheng Yi, also implemented reforms based on Shi Hao's past actions, causing a series of turmoil in Wuzufang Town...(Source: TVB)

Country: Hong Kong

Status: upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Fantasy Historical

Cast: Danny Hung (1997), Brian Tse (1985), Erica Chan (1996), Stephen Wong (1978), Willie Wai (1965), Bert Mok (1961), Carisa Yan (1980), Henry Lee (1957), Eva Lai (1964), Chun Kai Wai (1972), Keith Ng (1966), Amy Fan (1971), Nicole Wan (1990), Miumiu Au (2001), Bella Lam (1992), Amisha Ng (1991), Janice Pang (1993), Jacky Lee (1977), Eric Cheng (1967)

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